Health Advisory Board

Health Advisory Board

A Campus/Community Health and Wellness Framework


  • Address environmental factors that reduce risk
  • Coordinate campus/community efforts surrounding student health, wellness, and safety
  • Promote education and communication about healthy lifestyles
  • Promote positive choices and behaviors
  • Provide a coordinated continuum of care

The HAB Steering Committee:

Student wellness is a precondition for student success. With this in mind, the Health Advisory Board Steering Committee will oversee a campus-wide coordinated and comprehensive effort to support student health and wellness. The Health Advisory Board considers the physical, socio-cultural, intellectual/academic, spiritual and environmental aspects of the student experience and development as it seeks to advance health and wellness across the campus. The Steering Committee is supported in this activity by the input of three separate but complementary working groups on the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse, depression and suicide, and sexual assault/violence. The Steering Committee drives the strategic direction and vision for the work groups, provides guidance for policy and environmental change, and provides oversight related to the evaluation of outcomes.


The HAB includes three subcommittees:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Prevention Subcommittee
  • Sexual Assault/Violence Prevention Subcommittee
  • Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Subcommittee

Subcommittee Tasks:

  • Develop an annual plan which includes the development of evidenced-based approaches based on identified needs and data
  • Develop a budget based on the annual plan
  • Establish monthly meetings throughout the academic year
  • Maintain minutes on the meeting activities
  • Provide an evaluative report to the Steering Committee based on the evaluation of outcomes at the end of each academic year.