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Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

A Penn State Altoona education is a smart investment in your future.

A smart investment yields a good return, which is what our students get when they choose Penn State Altoona. The investment students and their families make in tuition helps them receive the education they need to find a career they will love.

Employers hire our graduates because they trust a Penn State education. In fact, the Wall Street Journal named Penn State as the number one overall institution in the nation for producing the best prepared and well-rounded graduates, who are most able to succeed once hired. In addition, completion of a four-year degree increases an individual’s life-long earnings.

How much does it cost to attend Penn State Altoona?

The estimated direct costs on this page are for a full-time, first- or second-year student studying during the 2018-2019 academic year. Tuition, fees, and room and board are billed by semester; bills are due in August for the fall semester and December for the spring semester.

Penn State Altoona Annual Costs
Cost Type Pennsylvania Resident Non-Pennsylvania Resident
Tuition $14,214 $23,466
Information Technology Fee $504 $504
Student Fee $480 $480
Room and Board (on campus)
Room (Oak and Maple Halls) $6,370 $6,370
Meal Plan (level 3) $5,200 $5,200
Average Total Cost
Living on Campus $26,768 $36,020
Commuting $15,198  
Avg. Book Cost $1,840 $1,840
Tuition Differential Savings versus University Park $3,202 $10,354
Part-Time Per Credit
Lower Division $592 $978
Upper Division - Business, EMS, Science, IST, Engineering $720 $1,123
Upper Division - All Other Programs $645 $1,040

All costs shown are on an annual basis.

Tuition Comparision

Tuition expenses based on location
Campus Location Tuition | PA Resident Tuition | Non-PA Resident
University Park $17,416 $33,820
Altoona $14,214 $23,466
Tuition Differential Savings $3,202 $10,354

The tuition differential continues at the junior and senior level for students who choose to complete their Penn State degree at Penn State Altoona.

On-campus Housing Costs Per Semester

Room expenses
Hall Cost
Oak/Maple Halls (Traditional) $3,185
Spruce Hall (Suite) $3,765
Cedar Hall (Suite) $4,040

Meal Plan Costs Per Semester

Meal Plan expenses
Plan Cost
Level 1 $2,025
Level 2 $2,345
Level 3 $2,600

We’re happy to help our students and their families explore their financial options when deciding how to fund college costs, whether it be personal savings, tuition savings plans, student employment, Penn State’s payment plan, student financial aid, or a combination of these options. Contact the Office of Student Aid at 814-949-5055 or email to speak with a financial aid counselor.