Altoona student recognized at Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition

Artwork by Andrea Regalbuto

A piece from Andrea Regalbuto's art exhibit, "Flap/Flutter."

Credit: Andrea Regalbuto

ALTOONA, Pa. — Andrea Regalbuto was awarded second place in the oral presentation category for Arts and Humanities at the Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition, held virtually April 15-17.

Regalbuto's art exhibit, "Flap/Flutter," "is based on the idea of the Butterfly Effect, a theory which states that a small change in the environment can have a significant influence on further outcomes.

"I used the idea of the Butterfly Effect to reflect on events in my own life. Each of my pieces demonstrates drastic changes in my life that formed my current identity, all of which trace back to one initial choice," stated Regalbuto. "My story is very personal and hard to talk about, let alone present it for anyone to hear and see, but that is the reason I made this work. I'm proud of myself."

Regalbuto said winning second place makes her feel as though her artwork is appreciated and that she is heard and understood.

Find out more on the Undergraduate Exhibition website. View Regalbuto's work on her website, Instagram, and virtual exhibit.