Brian Black is opening speaker at Paris energy conference

Brian Black
Credit: Penn State

Brian Black is the invited opening speaker at the annual conference of the European Oil and Gas Network (EOGAN) in Paris, France, June 1-2, 2017.

EOGAN provides a network for people working to preserve and promote the use of oil and gas related records across Europe, including: archivists, records managers and records creators in the industry; museums and organizations with an interest in energy history; and universities and academics working on energy-related topics. This year’s conference, “Energy Transitions in History,“ took place at the corporate headquarters of Total Energy. 

Black’s lecture, “Leaping the Gap: Tracing Changing Conceptions of Energy in World History,” is the basis of his current writing and research. In this talk, he will present conference attendees with new ideas for organizing or periodizing humans’ history of energy use.