Federal Work-Study is a student financial aid program for eligible undergraduate and graduate students with high financial need.

All students who answer "yes" to the question "In addition to grants, are you interested in 'work-study'?" on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Web are considered for Work-Study for fall and spring semesters. (Federal Work-Study is a need-based aid program, so not all students who answer "yes" on the FAFSA receive a work-study award.) If you are interested in summer work-study, please review the appropriate related link to the right.

Work-Study allows you to earn money to cover a portion of your educational expenses by working within your college or campus, a University office, or an off-campus, nonprofit organization. Positions are available at every Penn State campus.

Federal Work-Study will not be credited towards your tuition bill. Work-Study recipients are paid every two weeks and earn at least $9.50 per hour.

If you are awarded Federal Work-Study, it is your responsibility to find a Work-Study position.

As with all aid programs, work-study recipients must maintain eligibility requirements.

Important: If you do not begin working by the end of the second week of fall semester, your fall/spring award will be canceled. In order to hold your Federal Work-Study Award until you secure a position, access Work Study Extension on eLion.

On-Campus Positions

Information related to available On-Campus Work-Study Positions can be found on the "Work-Study Job Search" link on eLion

America Reads

For information related to available America Reads Positions click here.