Joseph Pellicane

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight: Joseph Pellicane

Student entrepreneur Joseph Pellicane funnels his passions into his business, By Nunix.
Q&A with Joesph Pellicane, owner of By Nunix

Student Profile

Joseph Pellicane

Joseph Pellicane, Penn State Altoona student and owner of By Nunix.

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Name: Joseph Pellicane
Major: Business, Entrepreneurship
Class Year: 2022
Business Name: By Nunix
Fun Fact: I worked on Wall Street for one year prior to attending Penn State Altoona

What inspired you to start your own business?
What inspired me to start my business was combining my two passions—art and sales. Art was always an escape for me and happens to be one of the most profitable industries if you can overcome the barriers of entry. I have been working in retail sales and restaurants since the ripe young age of ten years old. Due to my experiences, I came to love the rush of closing a sale and a fast-paced work environment. Applying the skills I learned over the years to my artwork serves as a personal challenge for me to do what I love full-time. If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. The main inspiration for my business is to spread my art around the world and inspire people to follow their dreams. I strive to become a positive force of change in this world, and if I make someone's day just a little bit better by selling them a piece of art, I have achieved that goal.

What has been the best part of being an entrepreneur?
The best part of being an entrepreneur is watching something created within your imagination become reality. Nothing can ever replace the satisfying feeling of creating something in your mind and seeing it in the physical world. Innovation also allows you to add to the bigger picture of society; in a world filled with negativity, it's good to generate positivity and bring people together.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to other college students?
I would advise other college students to utilize all the extra-curricular activities that Penn State has to offer. The various offerings provide you with an edge once you have graduated and make it much easier to start your journey after college.

What does the future look like for you?
For my business, my future looks like a multi-level international brand offering: clothes, toys, statues, media content, gifts, and fine art. Furthermore, I want to create an outlet for emerging artists to sell their art in a physical location at an affordable price. My end goal is to make it easier for artists to do what they love while still making a comfortable living. I want to remove many of the barriers I faced and continue to face—allowing artists to have a platform to sell their products. I will continue to trailblaze and create a place for the average person to materialize their imagination.

To learn more about By Nunix visit their Instagram. If you are a student entrepreneur or know someone who is, please reach out to Katerina Parowski at [email protected].