Security and Risk Analysis

Security and Risk Analysis

Why Major in Security and Risk Analysis?

A degree in Security and Risk Analysis (SRA) is a degree in demand. Over the past two decades, the need for security-trained professionals has grown exponentially in response to an equally precipitous growth in the threats that confront responsible governments and organizations.

Individuals trained in security are needed to deal with threats ranging from violent physical attacks on people and property to countless cyber threats to information and computer systems. The failure to confront these dangers will result in the compromise of information, the destruction of property and the loss of lives. Our society, people, and organizations must be well prepared to defend and respond.

Program Highlights

Penn State Altoona’s Security and Risk Analysis major prepares the next generation of cyber security experts and leaders to deal with these important global issues. On the technical side, you will study basic computer networking and more advanced network security to better understand both how to operate networks and the way in which adversaries attempt to compromise network systems. In addition, you’ll learn about operating systems and computer forensics in order to protect underlying computer systems before an attack, and to diagnose the nature of a problem after it has been discovered.

Coursework encompasses general risk assessment to information technology- oriented risk management. The curriculum includes programming, decision theory, and courses on the role that the law plays in managing security problems, as well as balancing society’s need for safety with personal privacy.

The majority of SRA graduates pursue technical careers in areas such as system administration, networking, computer security, network security, and other computer related work. However, a substantial number of graduates also follow non-technical career paths in risk-related areas such as insurance, health care, business, and government. Whether your interest in risk and security are technical or non-technical, SRA-related employment is readily available in an outstanding job market.