Altoona students take part in summer undergraduate research program

ASURF students present at University Park's REU Symposium on August 4.

ASURF students present at University Park's REU Symposium on August 4. From left to right: Madleen Anes (mentor: Allison Cornell), Brandon Fischer (mentor: MD Fazlay Rabbi), Emma Hoover (mentor: Juan Gil), Mallorie Keith (mentor: Yimin Zhu), Gavin Suter (mentor: Ed Levri).

Credit: Penn State

ALTOONA, Pa. — Five Penn State Altoona students took part in this year’s Altoona Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (ASURF) program.

The program supported each student with a $3,500 stipend to engage in intensive research or creative work over the summer, allowing them to immerse themselves in their work with fewer distractions.

Students also attended six weeks of professional development workshops on ethics, literature review, the value of research, developing research presentations, applying to graduate school, and publishing research. Further, they had the opportunity to discuss their research with faculty members, who then shared their own journeys with undergraduate research.

In early August, participants presented their work at the REU symposium at University Park. Students will also have the opportunity to present at the Altoona Expo and the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Fair later this academic year.

“I learned a lot by participating in this program, and I’m grateful I was able to focus solely on research this summer,” states Emma Hoover, a senior studying mathematics. “I’m very proud of the work I accomplished, and I really enjoyed myself. In fact, I am looking into applying to grad schools this fall. I never would have considered such an endeavor had I not participated in research this summer.”