10/23: Penn State COVID-19 dashboard updated

Community urged to remain vigilant and continue to adhere to all public health guidelines for mask-wearing and social distancing in advance of season’s first football game
Photograph of the gates to campus from Allen Street
Credit: Michelle Bixby

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State released its preliminary coronavirus testing results for the period of Oct. 16 to 22 on its COVID-19 dashboard today (Oct. 23). The University Park campus received 127 positive on-demand test results and 13 positive random test results from student testing during the period of Oct. 16 to 22. As of Oct. 22 at University Park, there are 235 active student cases and 3,411 students have completed their isolation period and are no longer active cases.

Among employees at University Park, there is one new on-demand testing positive for the period of Oct. 16 to 22 since the last dashboard update on Tuesday (Oct. 20).  

Tests administered later in the week are still pending results, which can take 48 hours or more and will be included in the dashboard update on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

The data for the week of Oct. 9 to 15 has also been updated as additional test results came in and were validated. The dashboard, when updated and posted with new data, is only a snapshot at that one point in time and cannot be considered a final reporting as test results are still pending for the Oct. 16 to 22 time period.

“After a steady decrease, the slight uptick in the number of active cases serves as a reminder that the virus is still with us,” said Penn State President Eric J. Barron. “With our first football game taking place on Saturday, and with flu season upon us, it is especially critical that we remain diligent in our prevention behaviors so that we do not undo the progress we’ve made in recent weeks. For the sake of the overall health of our community, I urge our students, employees and all Penn State fans to not congregate this weekend and to continue practicing masking-wearing, social distancing and proper hygiene. This is not the time to let down our guard.”

University Park On-Demand Student Testing Positive Results by Week:

University Park On-Demand Student Testing Positive Results 10 23 20
Credit: Penn State

University Park Random Student Testing Positive Results by Week:

University Park Random Student Testing Positive Results 10 23 20
Credit: Penn State

Since the last update on Tuesday (Oct. 20), the dashboard indicates the following new student testing results at Commonwealth Campuses:

  • Altoona: two on-demand testing positives for the period of Oct. 16 to 22
  • Mont Alto: one on-demand testing positive for the period of Oct. 16 to 22
  • Scranton: one on-demand testing positive for the period of Oct. 9 to 15

The dashboard indicates that Altoona has one on-demand testing positive and one random testing positive among employees for the period of Oct. 16 to 22.

All students who test positive are being placed in isolation and, through systematic University contact tracing, close contacts of the infected individuals are being identified and must remain in quarantine for 14 days from the last contact with the infected individual. 

Students who are concerned about COVID-19 exposure are urged to utilize the University’s health care resources to seek out testing and facilitate contact tracing. Students with health concerns should call the 24/7 Advice Nurse at 814-863-4463. At University Park, students can make appointments with University Health Services by using myUHS or calling the appointment line at 814-863-0774. Commonwealth Campus students should contact their campus’ health care services.

Penn State experts are continuing to track current trends and continuously monitoring local, state and national disease data. The University is working closely with officials from the Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Health, as well as local public and private organizations, to carefully monitor the prevalence of coronavirus in Centre County to determine if the virus is moving from the campus community to the local community and, if so, to develop strategies to mitigate such spread.

To continue on-campus learning, work and other activities through the fall semester, it’s vital that students, faculty and staff at all campuses and in adjacent communities do their part to limit the spread of COVID-19 — and support the effort to “Mask Up or Pack Up.” The University urges everyone to continue to wear face masks, practice social distancing and avoid gatherings entirely.

For the latest updates and information on Penn State’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, including frequently asked questions and information specific for students, faculty and staff, visit virusinfo.psu.edu.