Penn State Altoona students get a taste of cheese making

Penn State Altoona students in Food Science 105 experience cheese-making
Credit: Penn State

Things got a bit cheesy for students in Food Science 105 during class on Oct. 25.

Guest speaker Anthony Rice of Clover Creek Cheese Cellar in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, shared the background of his family, their farm, and how Clover Creek Cheese Cellar came to be. He then explained their cheese-making process.

Students were able to experience that process on a small scale as they mixed fresh raw milk from Clover Creek with rennet. After coagulation occurred, they cut the curds and gently stirred them by hand.

“Hands-on class activities like this allow students to relate to the real-world,” said Jon Bilek, a senior electro-mechanical engineering technology major. “I learn better by doing things, so this experience is great for me. I think the more opportunities we have for things like this can only benefit us.”

Instructor Lynn Dalby agreed. “These types of activities keep students engaged. I like to bring in people from all different aspects of food science so they experience real-world practical knowledge of food. They really enjoy these hands-on classes.”

Students were able to taste test cheese from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar to top off the class.