Presidential Scholarship

Barnes and Noble has endowed the Presidential Scholarship for first-year students admitted to the Penn State Altoona Honors Program. The scholarship is competitive and amounts to about $1000 for the student’s first year at Penn State Altoona (for both fall and spring semesters). If the student remains in good standing in the Program (3.33 GPA or better), then the scholarship will be renewed for the student’s sophomore year. The Presidential scholarship is awarded competitively. The top students are determined by SAT scores, high school GPAs, and the essays for their honors program applications. Financial need is also considered. The number of Presidential Scholarships available is typically five each year but depends on endowment earnings. This scholarship is for study at Penn State Altoona only.

Penn State Altoona Honors Scholarship

As of the 2007-2008 school year, Penn State Altoona provides funds for its third and fourth year Honors Students.The Penn State Altoona Honors Scholarship amounts to about $1000 each year and is awarded competitively. Financial need is also taken into consideration. This scholarship is for study at Penn State Altoona only.

Fall Achievement Awards

The Penn State Altoona Honors Program began awarding Fall Achievement Awards in Spring 2012. These awards are approximately $100 to $200, and, depending on the current budget, they are awarded to approximately 20 students. Recognizing notable achievement in the fall semester and encouraging the same in the spring semester, the Fall Achievement Awards are earned by students who have participated actively in the honors program and have done so with distinction. More specifically, students who have earned a 3.7 GPA or higher during the preceding fall semester and/or have - in the preceding fall semester - made notable achievements in their research projects, have enrolled in and successfully completed an impressive number of honors credits, and/or have undertaken particularly praiseworthy service projects will be given highest preference during the decision process. The awards are announced at the beginning of the spring semester so that these funds can be applied to spring tuition and fees. This scholarship is available to Penn State Altoona students only.

Other Scholarship Information

For information about other scholarships, visit the Office of Student Aid page.