Penn State Altoona Honors Program Application Form

Penn State Altoona Honors Program — Academic forms

Schreyer Honors College

All paper work for Schreyer Scholars is completed online through the Student Records System.


Notes regarding forms for Students in the Altoona Honors Program

If you are not taking an Honors Section, to get your Honors credits fill out one of the following:

  1. Honors Option
  2. Honors Independent Study and/or Research with Faculty
  3. Student teaching (notify the Coordinator via email,
  4. Study abroad (notify the Coordinator via email,

For items a and b, the Honors credits will show up on your transcript. Do know that writing across the curriculum courses will have their "W" change to an "M" (again, the "M" means Penn State Honors).

For items c and d, we cannot add anything special to your transcript to indicate Honors credits. However, your Honors requirement will be waived for three credits (i.e., for one semester).