Political Science

Political Science

Why Major in Political Science?

At Penn State Altoona, Political Science majors become well-versed in the political process, and principal subjects such as American politics, politics of other nations, and political theory. Courses in political science emphasize reading, interpreting, assessing, formulating, and communicating complex arguments about significant real-world topics. These arguments range from very general and fundamental ones about the nature of justice to very specific ones about the workings of institutions and the effects of policies. In confronting these significant topics, you will develop a broad range of intellectual abilities, including careful reading, persuasive speaking and writing, and the collection, analysis, and use of data.

Program Highlights

Penn State Altoona’s Political Science program provides you with small classes and opportunities for close interaction with your professors, including the opportunity to work with faculty on cutting-edge research. Our program also places special emphasis on the skills of careful reading and the development and analysis of complex arguments about important subjects, such as the rights and obligations of citizenship. These skills have helped recent graduates of our program succeed in gaining admission to law schools. Because our professors get to know their students well, they can write the strong letters of recommendations that have helped graduates get started in a wide variety of careers.


Political Science majors acquire skills that make them well-prepared for a broad range of careers. Recent graduates of Penn State Altoona’s Political Science program have found careers in local and state government. Others have gone on to master’s and M.B.A. programs and law school at prestigious institutions. Additionally, because of the breadth of their skill sets and intellectual abilities, graduates also are sought after in the private sector in a variety of high-level positions.