Mentee Support Materials

It is recommended that you review the questions at the end of this form. Draft and edit your responses to these questions in a separate word document. Clear, concise, and heartfelt responses to these prompts are key to your letter of support. Please take time with these. When you have finalized your responses, you can then cut and paste your comments into this form. We do not recommend that you draft your responses directly in this form.

Please contact Lara LaDage at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Student Information
Academic Year
Mentor Information
May we share your comments with your mentor?
If yes, we will send your mentor a letter that includes some of your comments to share the impact they have had on you.

Please note if your mentor is awarded, some of your comments may be used in showcasing the award, including in print and online. Your name will NOT be given with these comments, without your permission.

The following question is regarding permission for the public use of your name as a nominator and is only if your mentor is awarded. This is different than the question above on whether you want your name given privately to your mentor.

If you have questions, please email the Undergraduate Research Coordinator at [email protected].

If your mentor is awarded, may we provide your name and comments in showcasing this award, including print or online?