Kofi W. Adu, Ph.D.

Kofi Adu
Professor, Physics
Sheetz Family Health Center, 103C

Kofi Adu, assistant professor of physics, earned his doctorate at Penn State. He previously served as an adjunct professor of physics at the ITT Technology Institute campus in Oxnard, California. An experimental condensed matter physicist with expertise in engineering advanced nanomaterials, Adu's research involves three major prongs: the chemical processing and functionalization of carbon nanotubes; the development of next generation advanced super metal (nanostructure-metal matrix composites) that are lightweight with superior properties; and carbon nanotube transparent conductors for touch-screen and flat-panel display applications.

Synthesis and Characterization of One- and Two-Dimensional Nanostructures

Advanced Metal Nanocomposites

Superconducting MgB2, Nanostructure based Flexible Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems (Ultra-capacitors and Ultra-batteries)

Thermoelectric: Low-grade Heat Energy Harvesting

Conversion of Bio-renewables into value added products (e.g., Activated Carbons)