Jeffrey D. Moore, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Cypress Building, 101B

Jeffrey D. Moore received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State in 2008. After graduation, he worked for AMPAC-ISP (now MOOG) as an Assistant Principal Engineer until mid-2015. In this role, he was the monopropellant and bipropellant liquid engine designer and head of IR&D activities at the Niagara Falls (NY) site. His work included apogee engines, divert and attitude control engines, liquid propulsion systems, and non-toxic propellant research, which entailed the design and testing of AF-M315E and other HAN-based monopropellant thrusters. In addition to these roles, he was a project engineer for thrusters and successful propulsion systems in collaboration with NASA GSFC (MMS), MDA (LDACS, SM3 Block IIB), Lockheed Martin (GOES-R), and Sandia National Labs (ARAV-C PSS). For his early-career achievements in liquid propulsion, he received the AIAA 2011 Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee Young Professional Award. Moore arrived at Penn State Altoona in fall 2015, where has continued his research interests in liquid propulsion and fluid mechanics. He has primarily taught EMET 222 (Applied Mechanics) and EMET 326 (Mechanical Drives).

  • Propulsion
  • Combustion
  • Non-toxic propellants
  • Sports science
  • M.B.A. - University of Phoenix - 2014 - School of Business
  • Ph.D. - The Pennsylvania State University - 2008 - Dept. of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
  • M.S. - The Pennsylvania State University - 2003 - Dept. of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
  • B.S. - Worcester Polytechnic Institute - 2001 - Dept. of Mechanical Engineering