Iwona T. Dorabiala

Iwona T. Dorabiala
Part-time Lecturer, History
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Hawthorn Building, 103

    Iwona T. Dorabiala’s primary area of study is the history of Russia. Her particular interests delve into notions of faith, authority, nationalism, and their impact on the development of Russia’s identity throughout the centuries. The history of medieval and early modern Russia is complicated by the unreliability of the source record—and Dorabiala constantly strives to discover new insights. In her own words: “Researching a field where the answers are still unknown allows a tremendous opportunity for original interpretation.” Such investigations make history “exceptionally exciting and fascinating.” Dorabiala received her M.A. at the University of Szczecin in Poland in 1989. Her additional areas of expertise include Ancient Warfare, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, and Medieval and Modern Russia.