Doug Page, Ph.D.

Douglas D. Page, Ph.D.
Teaching Professor, History
Coordinator, History Program
Hawthorn Building, 218

Dr. Doug Page specializes in the teaching of Early Modern Europe, World Civilizations, U.S. History, the History of Madness, and upper level Historiography courses. He notes, “I try to approach the teaching of history with a couple of things in mind: presenting historical change and continuity without oversimplifying and illustrating how much of the world is, and has been, interconnected through the centuries. I hope that some of the basic historical movements and ways of thinking can be transmitted, so that we can come closer to understanding why the contemporary world is shaped as it is, and what our actions might mean for the future.” Dr. Page received his Ph.D. in History from the University of Missouri in 2005. At Penn State Altoona, he is highly involved in facilitating student projects beyond the classroom—including oral history projects at the Flight 93 Memorial and other historic sites.

History of Britain

The Enlightenment

History of Madness

Flight 93 National Memorial