Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board, most commonly known as CAB, is responsible to hosting events on campus so that students are never bored. Some of our events include: Magicians, Comedians, Guest Speakers, Bus Trips, Craft Nights and our most famous event BINGO!

We have taken on Late Night Events, which is a promise to host programming at 9 p.m. every week on either a Friday or Saturday night.



CAB is an affiliative student organization made to plan and implement a variety of activities for Penn State Altoona as an extension of the Center for Student and Civic Engagement. Students research, develop and program cultural, educational, recreational, and social events for the Penn State Altoona Community. CAB provides the opportunity for students to create meaningful experiences while interacting with people in the University, as well as in the community, through participation in campus programming. It also offers the opportunity for students to exercise practical application of their education through participation.

Look for all our upcoming events on social media, emails, and flyers!

Contact Us

We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to contact us or come to see us in our office on the first floor of the Slep Student Center. The Campus Activities Board is supported by the Student Activities Fund and the Office of Student and Civic Engagement.

Jenna Dubin

Jessie Hurkes, Assistant Director of Student and Civic Engagement