Emergency Phones

Emergency Phones

The Penn State Emergency Phone System is designed to aid in providing security to the University community. It does this by performing several functions:

  • citizens can quickly report emergencies or criminal activity directly to police, even in relatively remote areas.
  • visitors to residence areas can phone to be escorted into the building without entering it.
  • no money is necessary to use the phones.

Emergency/Courtesy Phones

Often referred to as "call boxes", these phones can be recognized by the blue light above them. Under the blue light is a phone located inside a "box" with a standard receiver and keypad. University Police can be reached by dialing 5222.

Residence Hall Emergency/Courtesy Phones

These phones are identical in appearance to the "call boxes" described above, but do not have a blue light. These phones are located in the residence hall areas, usually near the entrances of a residence hall. These phones enable visitors to call a resident for an escort when the residence hall is secured. These phones are activated the same way as the standard Emergency/Courtesy Phones described above.

Locations of Outside Phones/Emergency Phones

Outside and Emergency Phones
Location Type
Residential Areas
Cedar A Building, front Phone Only
Cedar A Building, back Phone Only
Cedar B Building Phone Only
Maple, Lobby Phone Only
Maple, Front Phone Only
Spruce, Back Phone Only
Spruce, Lobby Phone Only
Oak Front Phone Only
Oak Info Desk Phone Only
Parking Lots
Chapel Parking Lot (at bus stop) Blue Light
Ivy Parking Lot Blue Light
Larch Lot Blue Light
Juniata Gap Parking Lot Blue Light
Rider Parking Lot Upper Blue Light
Rider Parking Lot Lower-2 phones Blue Light
Spring Run Stadium Blue Light
Academic Area
Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts Blue Light
Cypress Building Blue Light
ERL Building Blue Light
Hawthorn Walkway Blue Light
Facilities and Operations Building Blue Light
Sheetz Family Health Center Blue Light
Slep Student Center Blue Light
Spring Creek Track Blue Light
Student Bookstore Blue Light
Tennis Courts Blue Light
Poplar Building Blue Light
Gwin Road Pathway Blue Light (2 phones along pathway)