Campus Carillon Alert

Campus Carillon Alert

The Carillon Campus Alert (CCA) consists of speakers placed across campus that broadcast alert tones and voice announcements to notify persons on campus of situations or conditions that threaten their safety. Upon the declaration of an emergency by the Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee the CCA will be activated. This activation will result in either a siren or a Tri-Tone alert being broadcast. Persons hearing either should:

Siren: general emergency

The siren will warn of any condition which would threaten the safety of persons on campus or nearby areas. The siren will sound for 30 seconds and will be followed by a voice announcement. This cycle will be repeated for up to 6 minutes. Depending on the nature of the emergency, specific voice instructions may be broadcast. Persons hearing the siren should cease all activities, move quickly to the closest area of safety, and seek additional information.

Tri-Tone Alert: weather emergency

The Tri-Tone alert will warn of impending weather conditions which immediately threaten the safety of persons on campus or nearby areas. The Tri-Tone Alert will sound for approximately 3 minutes and will warn of tornados, high winds, electrical storms, or any other weather condition that poses an immediate threat. When the Alert sounds persons should cease all outdoor activities, move to an indoor area of safety, and then seek additional information. The Tri-Tone Alert will not be used for snowstorm information or other weather conditions known in advance.

Additional sources of information include:

Building Monitors will activate their two-way radios and stand by for instructions upon hearing any alert tone.