Grade Forgiveness Approval

Please review the grade forgiveness request below. Ensure all the information is correct and confirm that the student has contacted financial aid. When this is completed, please submit the form. The information will be sent to the registrar, who will review the student's record for possible academic integrity violations and forward it to University Park for final processing. Once the student's record has been updated, the registrar will notify the student and adviser via email.

NOTE: Students tracking majors in the College of Nursing or the College of Engineering should NOT use the Altoona Grade Forgiveness Request form. If this applies to your student, please contact them and direct them to reach out to the appropriate college representative listed on the University Registrar site.
Student Information
Your Penn State ID is a nine-digit number beginning with "9." It can be found on your Penn State ID card.
Information on Course Grade Being Forgiven
Information on Course to Justify Grade Forgiveness
Financial Aid Implications
Student Agreement
Adviser Information and Approval
Financial Aid Status
Do you approve this grade forgiveness request?