Learning Resources Center

Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) helps Penn State Altoona students to be successful in learning. All of our services are free to Penn State Altoona students, and the simplest way to get started is to come and visit us. The Learning Resources Center is located on the first floor of the Eiche Library building. Most of our tutoring is handled by professional tutors or by instructors from the discipline. In some subjects, we also offer peer tutoring. Peer tutors are students who have aced the class you are seeking help with and have received tutor training.

Please remember that tutoring is not intended to replace your class, but to add more detail to what you learned in class or in your instructor’s office hours. Tutoring can be very frustrating, mostly because we are trying to help you to understand something complicated, which means we might need to answer your questions with other questions.

To access these free services:

  • Choose the schedule for your course from the menu to the left.
  • Show up at the place and time designated for your course.
  • Start asking questions, and pay attention to the questions of others.

For many courses, there is a designated table where you can find help almost any time during the work week.