Instructional Design

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Remote and Hybrid Course Design

Developing a course for remote delivery—whether it be synchronous, asynchronous, or blended—requires a partnership with an instructional designer. You provide the content knowledge and practical experience from teaching the class, and we provide guidance and suggestions related to the specific mode of delivery.

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Instructional Design Services

The Office of Instructional Design’s goal is to help you enhance your instructional strategies in order to create an exceptional, engaging, student-centered learning environment in resident, hybrid, or online format. We offer expertise in the following:

  • Preparation (course design, syllabus development, EdTech integration)
  • In the Classroom (engagement, learning outcomes, collaborative learning, management)
  • Support (Canvas integration, multimedia creation, accessibility)
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Whether it’s professional development, new technology, or learning basics or upgrades to what you use in the classroom, our events will help you get started or keep up with your students.

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Dive into our ALID blog for iPad tutorials, strategic tips, and professional development insights—a place where innovation meets skill enhancement.

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