Campus Directory - Faculty

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Cynthia A. Wood
Assistant Teaching Professor, Business Administration
Penn Building, 225 814-949-5515
Jerry Wright
Associate Professor Emeritus, Exercise and Sport Science
Nan Xu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Science Building, 106 814-949-5516
Xuebing Yang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Economics
Penn Building, 226 814-940-3317
Jon C. Yon
Part Time Lecturer, Music
Hawthorn Building, 103 814-949-5258
Frank E. Zaffino
Instructor, Kinesiology
Adler Athletic Complex, 204 814-949-5178
Annette Zalanowski
Associate Professor Emerita, Music
Roger Zellner
Associate Professor Emeritus, Art
Li Zhang
Instructor, Mathematics
Science Building, 111 814-949-5128
Tingting Zhou
Part Time Lecturer, Dance
Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts, 108 814-949-5207
Yimin Zhu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Science Building, 111 814-949-5478
Paula A. Zitzler
Part Time Lecturer, Anthropology
Hawthorn Building, 103 814-949-5258
J. Jerome Zolten, Ph.D.
Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences and Integrative Arts
Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts, 134 814-949-5113