Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics

Why Major in Mathematics?

A Mathematics degree provides strong portable skills that give you a competitive edge in virtually any career, including the ability to analyze data; reason deductively; think abstractly, analytically, and critically; and solve problems.

Mathematics is both challenging and exciting. Importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to society by giving you the capability to address issues in such diverse fields as:

  • computer science
  • economics
  • engineering
  • environmental science
  • government
  • management
  • medicine
  • social science

It also prepares you for a teaching career, and it can lead to advanced degrees in business, education, engineering, law, mathematics or statistics.

Mathematics teaches logical reasoning and abstract thinking. It enables you to evaluate data sets and to form conclusions based on your analysis. A good understanding of mathematics gives you the ability to develop mathematical models of real-world phenomena that can be used to predict outcomes and offer solutions.

There are twenty-five full-time Math faculty at Penn State Altoona. All of the mathematics and statistics courses for our mathematics degrees are taught by faculty who have Ph.D.s in either mathematics or statistics and who are actively involved in research.


With a Mathematics degree, you’ll be prepared for a career in a wide range of industries and professions including aerospace, computers, defense, financial services, government, health care, information technology, insurance, law, research, and teaching.