Jeremiah Lewis

Jeremiah Lewis

Class of 2003

  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Penn State Altoona

What do you currently do professionally?
Verisk Insurance Solutions Field Representative V

How has majoring in English helped you on your career pathway(s)?
Majoring in English provided me with the foundation to communicate effectively and to be well-spoken and a good writer.

What knowledge and skills help you succeed in your job on a daily basis (and, possibly, in unanticipated ways)?
Allows me to communicate effectively with both my colleagues and customers.

In what (unanticipated) ways has the English major impacted your life beyond your profession?
Ability to communicate productively with family, friends, and my significant other.

What is your favorite experience from your time in the English program?
Getting to know and form relationships with my classmates, professors, and staff of the university as well as the wealth of knowledge I obtained over the years.

What advice do you have for current English majors or students considering entry into the field in which you’re currently working?
Embrace the choice you have made and soak in every moment with your professors, classmates, and staff to form long-lasting relationships.

February 2023