Christie M. Clancy

Class of 2002

  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Penn State Altoona

What do you currently do professionally?
Currently, I am a social media manager for a craft beverage tech company. For more than a decade previously, I worked in public relations/marketing and social media for Penn State University; I also worked for small businesses on social media strategies. Aside from that, I am a musician and photographer.

How has majoring in English helped you on your career pathway(s)?
My current career was not a career when I was in school. Looking back, my English degree helped me to be a better storyteller and writer, which is imperative in my career. I learned to be creative and analytical.

What knowledge and skills help you succeed in your job on a daily basis (and, possibly, in unanticipated ways)?
My creative writing has helped me be a better marketing/social media manager as it taught me to think outside of the box. I am able to craft stories in a more engaging, creative way than others with a more technical marketing background.

In what (unanticipated) ways has the English major impacted your life beyond your profession?
You never know where your life will take you, so an education in reading and writing benefits you more than you'd expect. It opens doors and brings new eyes and ideas to the table.

What is your favorite experience from your time in the English program?
The majority of my professors made me feel excited about learning. Also, starting the campus literary magazine with my group of peers helped me learn about leadership.

What advice do you have for current English majors or students considering entry into the field in which you’re currently working?
Take every opportunity you can even if you THINK you know that path you want to take. My current job was not a 'thing' 20 years or so ago. Trying new things and learning what I love and what I do not has helped me find my current career, one I have been in now for more than a decade.

Is there anything else you would like current Penn State Altoona students (of all majors) to know?
You are Penn State. Be proud of what you have accomplished and never stop learning.

February 2023