A Guide for Students Interested in Business

A Guide for Students Interested in Business

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This guide is directed towards incoming and first-year students who are showing an interest in the business world, specifically who are going to be Penn State Altoona students. It will provide basic information about the business degrees through use of the campus websites and more specific information if you decide that this is the right path for you.



Activate your email account at your earliest convenience. This is very important! You will receive system wide emails which contain critical curricular and academic progress information on a regular basis. We expect you to be in the loop from the start. 


Take the initiative to meet with your advisor on a regular basis every semester. You will be assigned an advisor who will be an invaluable resource as you navigate through your collegiate experience. In the event you cannot meet with your advisor, the Business Program Coordinator has office hours. 

Deborah Kimmel Hommer, MBA
Business Program Coordinator
Senior Instructor in MIS, IST, Business Administration, Management
Office: 223 Penn Building
Phone: 814-949-5265
Fax: 814-949-5776
Email: DXH41@psu.edu

Web Know How

Technology provides an essential tool in monitoring and planning your academic progress. 

The Penn State Altoona website provides all information about the University. On the home page you will find events and news pertaining to the college. This is a great starting point for a student who is showing interest in Penn State Altoona. Beyond the home page is a wealth of information.