Objectives and Outcomes

Objectives and Outcomes

The specific educational objectives of the BSBAL program are listed below.

Three to five years after graduation, the program is designed to:

  1. Provide a broad knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, business logistics, economics, marketing, management, and business law.
  2. Prepare graduates to communicate effectively and work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams.
  3. Prepare technology graduates who are able to learn and adapt to changes in a professional work environment.
  4. Demonstrate a high standard of professional ethics and be cognizant of social concerns as they relate to the practice of business.

The specific outcomes of the BSBAL program are listed below.

  1. Graduates will develop written and oral communication.
  2. Graduates will be able to use contemporary information technology as tools to accomplish professional tasks effectively.
  3. Graduates will be able to effectively develop leadership, teambuilding and project management skills.
  4. Graduates will develop Life Long Learning Skills though active and collaborative learning and through an appreciation for continuing their education in formal and informal settings.
  5. Graduates will become familiar with unique business environments of their local communities and global business environment.
  6. Graduates will develop an understanding of Ethical issues, social responsibilities and resolutions to conflicts.
  7. Graduates will develop a basic foundation of business principals and a specialty related to a key business sector.
  8. Graduates will develop strong analysis and problem solving capabilities of organizational issues.