Leaves of Absence

Leaves of Absence

Penn State Altoona has a commitment to provide support for its faculty, and will work with faculty members when they face illness, maternity, or other times of need. Although there is no formal vacation and/or sick leave policy for faculty, the University grants several types of leaves, both with and without salary. Plans to apply for any leave should be discussed with your division head, who may ask for a written request for leave. The division head will then meet with the Associate Dean to determine appropriate action. Questions of salary continuation, health-care coverage, etc., often arise when a faculty member is absent from the normal schedule for an extended period. The following information is intended to provide summary information addressing questions most frequently asked about leaves of absence. This information is not intended to be definitive on policy matters. Faculty should call the Human Resources Coordinator, Cherrie Henry (814-949-5093, cmc242@psu.edu) for information regarding benefits coverage, etc., and for more detailed policy information.

A faculty member who needs to be absent from work upon the birth or adoption of a child, for their own serious illness or in order to care for a seriously ill child, spouse, or parent (as defined by law) shall be eligible for time off under the provisions of the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. See Human Resources Guideline No. 11, "Family and Medical Leave," for details. To make use of this benefit, faculty need to contact the Human Resources Coordinator and their Division Head about appropriate actions.

Paid Absences

Leaves of Absence with full or partial pay are provided to the extent provided by policy for the following reasons:

Paid Absence Policies
Childcare HRG-11, HRG-18
Family Leave HRG-11
Graduate Study HR-18
Maternity HRG-7, HRG-18
Sabbatical HR-17
Short-term Military Duty HR-19

Faculty on leave with pay have access to the same benefits and privileges as are available to active, regular employees. See applicable policies for details.

Unpaid Absences

When available paid time off has been expended, leaves of absence without pay may be available to the extent provided by the policy.