Guidelines for University Classroom Improvement Fund Proposals

Guidelines for University Classroom Improvement Fund Proposals

November/December - The Associate Dean will send out University Classroom Improvement Fund (UCIF) proposal guidelines from previous summer. Interested faculty should discuss ideas with program faculty and their division. If a proposal is prepared, Facilities and Operations can provide cost estimates for physical reconstruction costs, and Information Technology can provide estimates for technology costs.

March 1 - Draft proposals with budgets are due in Associate Dean Office. Associate Dean sends to Information Technology Committee of the Faculty Senate and to the Strategic Planning Committee for Information Technology for review, if appropriate (March).
     Associate Dean discusses proposals with Division Heads (April)

May 1 - Associate Dean submits proposals to Chancellor with ranking of priorities for projects, supporting correspondence from ITC and SPCIT.

Chancellor and Deanreviews, assesses budget, etc., and asks Director of Business Operations to submit by University due date (usually mid-July).

Information on UCIF Proposals and Guidelines: