Suggested Shopping List

Suggested Shopping List

Please note that this list was created by current international students who are members of the Penn State Altoona International Student Organization (ISO).

Suggested Items for All Students

  • Address book, stamps, stationery
  • Air freshener
  • Alarm clock
  • Backpack
  • Baskets for toiletries and storage (mesh bag)
  • Bed linen: sheets (extra-long twin size), mattress pad (extra-long twin size),
  • bedspread/blanket, and pillow
  • Bike (optional)
  • Cleaning supplies (cleaner, paper towels, and disinfectant wipes)
  • Clothing (bathrobe)
  • Computer, printer, and cables
  • Converter for electrical cords and extension cords
  • Desk items (lamp, pens/pencils/highlighters, paper/notebooks, calendar, calculator, tape, scissors, stapler, paperclips)
  • DVD player (optional)
  • Fan (portable)
  • Financial items (checking/savings account, credit/debit card, health insurance card,
  • Social Security card, driver's license or photo ID
  • First-Aid kit (band aids, cotton balls, cotton swabs, cold/cough medicine, aspirin)
  • Food items (can opener, bottled beverages, coffee maker with automatic shutoff, one set of silverware/plates/bowls/glasses, condiments, snacks, dish detergent/towel)
  • Snacks and ready-made food items (microwave ready)
  • Games (cards, board games)
  • Hangers (and a coat hanger for behind the door - optional)
  • Hanging shoe organizer (optional)
  • Laundry mesh bag, detergent, iron
  • Locking box to store documents
  • Music items (stereo, radio, mp3 player, headphones, etc.)
  • Padlocks (desk, laptop, and bike)
  • Plastic drawers (2 or 3 compartment storage bins)
  • Portable  clothes steamer (optional)
  • Room decorations (posters and photos must be hung with plastic tack)
  • Sewing kit/safety pins
  • Television (optional)
  • Toiletry items and& shower caddie to carry them
  • Towels
  • Umbrella

Suggested Items for Students Living Off Campus

  • Shower curtain
  • Wall hangers (Command hooks)
  • Extra bags for carrying books and supplies
  • Trash bags
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Mirror
  • Floor lamp