Schreyer Honors College

Schreyer Honors College

All of the campus honors programs in the Pennsylvania State University system operate under the auspices of the Schreyer Honors College (SHC) at University Park, one of the best honors colleges in the United States.  Although the Altoona Honors Program shares many academic standards with the SHC and is a member of the Penn State Honors Consortium, SHC and Altoona Honors are distinct.

Students in the SHC -- called Schreyer Scholars -- may enroll at any Penn State campus, including Altoona.  If Schreyer Scholars stay at Altoona for only their first two years, then they can use the curricular offerings of the Altoona Honors Program to fulfill their SHC requirements. 

As of the 2008-2009 school year, we are pleased to announce that Schreyer Scholars can stay at Altoona for a full four years, should they decide to take a degree from Altoona.  In addition to the curricular offerings, Altoona makes it possible for the Schreyer Scholar, in their fourth year, to choose an advisor and to do an Honors Thesis.  Information about the Honors Thesis can be found on the Honors Thesis page of the Schreyer Honors College site

You can apply to Schreyer Honors College at a number of stages of your college career:

  1. To apply to SHC at the same time that you are applying to for admission to Penn State University as a First-Year Student, click on the Application Process page of the Schreyer Honors College site
  2. For all other current students, Schreyer has a Gateway Admissions process.  This single gateway, an online application form, replaces the old distinction between Sophomore Gate and Junior Gate. The gateway application is available on the Apply as a Current Student page of the Schreyer Honors College site.