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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Why Major in Environmental Studies?

As an Environmental Studies major at Penn State Altoona, you will explore the complex interactions between humans and nature through a broad interdisciplinary curriculum in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. You will gain new perspectives, develop the knowledge and skills to address contemporary environmental problems, and apply all of these through hands-on experiences including field work, field trips, and internships.

What to Expect

We are committed to providing a student-centered experience in a small campus setting. Students benefit from working closely with faculty and peers on undergraduate research, community service, and out-of-classroom activities. Our students have described our program as a “tight-knit community of professors and students” where students “learn by doing.”

Our alumni continue the tradition of service and give back to our program through alumni mentoring. Students have the opportunity to discuss career goals and job opportunities with alumni working in a student’s field of interest.

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies: Prepares you for employment as an environmental professional with government agencies, non-profit agencies, consulting firms, and in the areas of outdoor adventure and sustainability. You will also be prepared for postgraduate study in public policy, the humanities, and law school.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: The B.S. enables students to develop the analytical tools for understanding environmental issues while maintaining an emphasis on the role of socio-cultural influences in shaping human behavior towards the environment. This degree prepares students for graduate studies and/or employment in the sciences such as environmental science, earth science, geology, and physical geography.

Environmental Studies Minor: The minor helps prepare students for employment in the private sector or with government agencies and environmental advocacy gouprs, or for postgraduate study in environmental science, public policy, the humanities, or law.

Careers in Environmental Studies

Our alumni have pursued career paths including:

  • Archaeologist
  • Environmental engineer
  • GIS specialist
  • Lab quality assurance and environmental technician
  • Project manager
  • Resource, conservation, and biology specialist,
  • Zookeeper

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