Sheetz Fellows Program

Penn State Altoona inducts eighth Sheetz Fellows class

A competitive academic program, the Sheetz Fellows Program offers unique opportunities that ignite and inspire the entrepreneurial mindset of students at Penn State Altoona by fostering critical thinking, ingenuity, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Owning It

Taylor Stoudnour combines her love of science and entrepreneurship into a future she can manage.

Sheetz Fellows attend national entrepreneurship conference

Eighteen Sheetz Fellows from Penn State Altoona attended the three-day 2018 National Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 1-3. The conference brought more than 600 students, faculty and young entrepreneurs together to network, learn and be inspired to pursue their entrepreneurial passions.

Uncharted Seas

Using the skills he learned as part of the Sheetz Fellows program, EMET grad Steve Mullen landed a job with Lockheed Martin helping to develop the world’s first maritime ballistic missile defense system.

Up to the Challenge

What began as an activity for the Security and Risk Analysis club, has grown to include entrepreneurs from the Sheetz Fellows Program. The two groups of students teamed up with the national security firm GRIMM for something called Hax.

Dynamic Duo

Bill Butterfield and Logan McHale want to make their mark at Penn State Altoona and beyond.