research and teaching

Nature Conserved, History Preserved

From the days trees stretched from one end of the state to the other, to the rise of awareness of our impact on the environment and the beginnings of Earth Day, Brian Black works to explore and preserve Pennsylvania's environmental history.

Cultivating Cultural Competence

Through her research, Linda Govere hopes to help create mutually positive, respectful, meaningful and effective relations and interactions among people with different ethnic, racial, religious, geographic, and social backgrounds.

A Study in Place

"Reading Shaver’s Creek," edited by Ian Marshall, provides the perfect introduction to Shaver’s Creek, part of Penn State’s 7,000-acre Stone Valley Experimental Forest.

Birding Classic puts funds to good use

For the second year in a row the Earth Day Birding Classic was held at Penn State Altoona as teams competed to identify by sight or sound as many species of birds as possible in 24 hours in Blair and nearby counties.