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Tulay Girard and Luke Hallman

Tulay Girard and student receive Top Paper in Track Award

Professor Tulay Girard and student Luke Hallman recently received a Top Paper in Track Award at the 2017 Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Conference in South Carolina.
Michael McGuire and the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Super Experience Working Super Bowl Security

While Super Bowl fans geared up for the game, Michael McGuire was working harder than ever behind the scenes.
Spring 2017 Sheetz Fellows Inductees

Sixth class of Sheetz Fellows inducted at Penn State Altoona

On Feb. 25, the sixth class of Sheetz Fellows was inducted at Penn State Altoona.
Victoria Huscilowitc

A Beautiful Partnership

On an Enactus trip to Africa over the summer, one student was able to change the lives of four children. In turn, that impacted her own life beyond measure.
Frank Amabile

Student Frank Amabile shares his Enactus World Cup experience

Penn State Altoona student Frank Amabile, representing the United States, was among those in attendance of the Enactus World Cup showcasing their entrepreneurial projects for social impact.

Penn State Altoona to receive funding for Innovation Incorporated project

Penn State Altoona is the recipient of a $50,000 seed grant to expand entrepreneurial endeavors through the Invent Penn State initiative.

Student Showcase - Spring 2016

Penn State Altoona held its spring semester Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology Student Showcase event Friday, April 29, 2016, in which students from various disciplines showcased their work through presentations to the college and local businesses.

Bon accolades

Bon receives two state accolades for work with Sheetz Fellows

Donna Bon, director of the Sheetz Fellows Program and senior instructor in entrepreneurship, was presented with two commendations of praise from the state during a Sheetz Fellows meeting April 26.
Enactus Students

A Culinary Collaboration

Penn State Altoona Enactus students help bring a boom to local business