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Theatre 208 students explore African theatre

Theatre 208, Theatre in Diverse Culture, is a performance-oriented class which explores the historic and contemporary theatrical works of various culturally diverse peoples. During a two-week study of African theatre this semester, students immersed themselves in the culture's voice, movement, and story-telling.

Student Spotlight: Rachel Fowkes

Rachel Fowkes had no intention of attending any college other than Penn State. In fact, it was the only college that she applied to. "It's all I knew and all I ever wanted, it was my dream school." Her acceptance made her the fifth person in her family to attend not only Penn State, but Penn State Altoona.

Rachel Fowkes

Student Spotlight: Rachel Fowkes

Though it wasn't her first choice in colleges, Rachel Fowkes couldn't be happier to call Penn State Altoona home.

Penn State Altoona Stone Cutters

Students in Art 166 Concepts of Form, are working on their last of three major projects this semester. They were tasked with finding a simple knot design and carving in into stone.

Andrew and Ariana shake hands

Playing Nice

Student political leaders set a positive example

Artist in Residence: Marcus White

There are a lot of layers to urban dance. Listen in as Artist in Residence Marcus White explains the deeper meaning behind the style.

Kadijah McDowell

Empowering Women

Inspired by strong women, Kadijah McDowell is turning her dreams into reality
Kratzer at a rally for Tom Wolf before he was elected governor of the state

Pursuing a Political Path

Non-traditional student Gillian Kratzer uses her love of politics to help shape a career and a more just society.