Michael Roche, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology
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Smith Building, C128C
C127 Smith Building
Altoona, PA 16601

Dr. Roche was trained in clinical psychology and researches personality dysfunction, interpersonal dysfunction and dynamic assessments of psychological functioning. In particular, Dr. Roche has been interested in refining the definition of narcissism (e.g. a motivation for admiration and recognition) that distinguishes it from the healthy and unhealthy ways narcissism is expressed (e.g. leadership, confidence, and charisma vs. grandiosity, rejection sensitivity, and fragile self-worth). A second line of research uses interpersonal theory and assessment to distinguish psychological dysfunctions (e.g. dependency, psychopathy, eating disorder) across several descriptions of interpersonal experiences (e.g. perceptions, behaviors, motives, sensitivities). Finally, Dr. Roche is interested in developing new assessment tools that are completed multiple times on smartphone devices to A) assess and B) intervene in psychological dysfunction. Such methods can zoom into the individual’s experience of dysfunction (e.g. depressed on days when I don’t exercise, and after fighting with this friend but not that friend) that can provide a more precise assessment and lead to more personalized interventions. Dr. Roche enjoys collaborating and mentoring students, with opportunities for study design, data collection, data analysis, and poster presentations at national conferences. Additionally, Dr. Roche teaches clinically oriented courses including Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Clinical Psychology, and Introduction to Personality. To find out more, visit http://michaeljroche.weebly.com/research.html.

Research Interests

Personality disorders


Interpersonal problems

Psychological assessment

Ecological momentary assessment


Ph D, Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University

MS, Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University

BS, Business Management, The Pennsylvania State University

BS, Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University