Lacey N. Wallace, Ph.D.

Lacey Wallace
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
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Cypress Building, 101G

    Lacey Wallace, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, earned her doctorate at Penn State University. She previously worked with D. Wayne Osgood and the PROSPER Peers Project at Penn State, studying adolescent social networks and their effects on delinquency. Specializing in quantitative methods, families and juvenile delinquency, Lacey’s research involves 1) the influence of siblings and peers on delinquency and substance use through social networks; 2) weapon carrying, gun ownership and gun acquisition behavior; and 3) the effects of intervention and policy on these processes.

    Research Interests

    Gun carrying and gun ownership

    Familial similarity for delinquency and substance use

    Public policy impact

    Quantitative methods


    Ph D, Crime, Law & Justice, Penn State

    MA, Crime, Law & Justice, Penn State

    MA, Math, Virginia Tech

    BA, Math & Sociology, Lynchburg College