Corey Gracie-Griffin

Corey Griffin
Associate Dean, Research
Associate Professor, Architecture
Smith Building, W110

With graduate degrees in architecture and structural engineering, Corey Gracie-Griffin is the associate dean for research and an associate professor of architecture at Penn State Altoona. He advocates for faculty and student research across all disciplines and oversees all internal and external research funding at Penn State Altoona. As the founding director of the Building Science Laboratory to Advance Teaching (BUILT) at Portland State University, Gracie-Griffin connected students at all levels to meaningful research in green buildings with industry partners. His own research focuses on how to make new and existing buildings healthier, more productive, and resilient while simultaneously reducing their impact on the planet. As Principal Investigator, he has received nearly $1.5 million in external funding from agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the W.M. Keck Foundation, various industry partners, and others. Gracie-Griffin recently served as a Fulbright Scholar to the National University of Ireland Galway. He has taught architectural design and engineering courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for over a decade at four different universities. His awards include the Excellence in Teaching and Sustainability Award from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions and the Kamelia Massih Outstanding Faculty Prize in the Arts at Portland State.

Intersections of green buildings and structural systems

Low-carbon structural materials

Life-cycle analysis of structural systems

Non-technical barriers to adoption of sustainable materials and systems

Integrated design

Multi-performance retrofits to existing buildings

MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

MARCH, Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

BS, Engineering, Stanford University