Victim Resources for Title IX Violations

Victim Resources for Title IX Violations

Penn State is committed to providing support for students who have been victims of behaviors that would be considered Title IX violations. Below is a brief description of resources available. For more information or to request resources which may not be listed, please contact the Penn State Altoona Title IX Resource Person, Maria Mosley, at 814-949-5710 or, or Interim Title IX Coordinator, Danny Shaha at 814-865-3270 or

Confidential Counseling and Support

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) - 814-949-5540: You may request an appointment with someone from the Health and Wellness Center on campus.

Blair County Family Services, Inc. – Crime Victim Support Services, including Rape Crisis and Domestic Abuse - 814-944-3583 or 24 hour hotline at 800-500-2849 or 814-944-3585: counseling, support, advocacy and assistance with Protection from Abuse orders. Email at

Center for Women Students (CWS) at the University Park - 814-863-2027: Trained counselors and advocates are available. Walk in or call for an appointment Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Confidential Medical Services

Non-emergency medical care, (including evaluation or follow-up for sexual assault when evidence collection is not desired) is provided at the Health and Wellness Center. Call 814-949-5540. For emergency medical care, please contact 911.

Academic and Housing Resources

If you wish to change your on-campus housing because the perpetrator lives nearby, you may contact the Office of Student Conduct at 814-949-5065 or Office of Residence Life at 814-949-5710 for help with a change of assignment.

If you have missed class/assignments or need to do so, staff in the Division of Student Affairs can assist. They can also help with dropping a class retroactively without penalty, when the request is an outcome of an experienced incident. The Sheetz Health and Wellness Center staff can also assist with this process if you are in active treatment.

If the perpetrator is in the same class or is scheduled to be in the future, contact the Office of Student Conduct at 814-949-5065 for assistance.

Holding the Perpetrator Accountable

If the perpetrator is a Penn State student, a case manager at the Office of Student Conduct can discuss options for holding the person accountable. It is possible to initiate an informal or formal disciplinary process. You will not be forced to participate in the conduct process against your will, and you can change your mind about your involvement at any time.

If there is interest in the legal system, the Penn State Police (814-949-5222) or Police located in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred, can provide support whether the perpetrator is a student or not. The police may also assist with a Protection from Abuse order.

Preventing Contact with the Perpetrator

If the perpetrator is a student, you may request a directive from the Office of Student Conduct for no contact, which would advise the perpetrator s/he can have no direct or indirect contact with you. Police may also assist with Protection from Abuse Orders-contact Police within the jurisdiction of the violation.

Hiding Personal Information

Victims may have all directory information that is usually available through campus information made confidential through the Registrar's office.

For more information or questions regarding any of the above information, please contact Maria Mosley at 814-949-5710 or Victims of Title IX violations are encouraged to seek services and support from Penn State University resources. If a victim wishes, a claim may also be made outside of the University to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission at 717-787-9780.

Revised 2/24/2016 AAOSC