Crime Prevention Information

Crime Prevention Information

In an effort to promote community awareness, it is the desire of University Police to establish a working relationship with the community. We hope to accomplish this through making public education programs available. Some programs that officers of this department can present include the following:

Bicycle Program - Bicycle officers provide information on bicycle rules and safety, as well as demonstrating various riding techniques. University Police maintains a bicycle patrol unit that assists members of the University community.

Ride-A-Long - Participants may ride or walk with an officer on routine patrol for up to a two hour period to gain first-hand knowledge of police procedures and operations.

Engraving - University Police provide engraving tools and instruction to persons interested in marking and identifying valuable items.

Orientation - Officers are available to discuss police procedures and services available from the department.

DUI/Alcohol Awareness - A presentation is given on Driving Under the Influence, including laws, detection, arrest procedures, and prosecution. Participants are able to observe officers demonstrate actual field sobriety tests that are given to intoxicated motorists in the course of the officer's duty.

Theft Prevention - Officers will present information and precautions to be taken to minimize the risk of becoming the victim of theft.

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) - RAD is a comprehensive self-defense system for women. The program includes awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, as well as options available to women during a confrontation or attack.

Discussion Sessions of any topic - Officers are available to meet with groups to discuss topics of their choosing or to facilitate general discussion.

Office Interviews of any topic - Office staff are available for interview by persons seeking information for speeches, papers, or news articles. Appointments are preferred but not necessary.

The University Police Office also has many brochures and printed material on most of the above topics as well as other safety and security topics.

For more information on any of the above topics, please call the University Police Office at 949-5222. Please contact our office if you have any suggestions for new programs. We would be glad to discuss any ideas with you.

University Police has joined forces with Student Affairs to provide a publication titled, Policies, Safety, and U. This document informs the university community about the use and misuses of alcohol and controlled substances at University Park, as well as providing crime statistics and assistance resources for this campus.