Animal Control

Animal Control

The presence of animals on University property has had, in many cases, an adverse effect on the normal functions of the University by causing bodily harm to individuals, unsanitary conditions in University buildings and facilities, and nuisances. In an attempt to control this situation, the following policy is in effect at Penn State University.


No person owning or having under his/her control any animal, shall permit such animal to be brought upon the property of the Pennsylvania State University without having a leash or lead suitably attached to the animal and held by the person responsible, except in designated hunting areas.

No person shall tether an animal to any fence, tree, shrub, post or other object located upon the lands of the Pennsylvania State University, not designed for the purpose of securing animals.

No person shall bring any animal into any University building or permit any animal on any public transportation facility. The foregoing shall not apply to seeing eye dogs, authorized animal research conducted by a University department, an animal hospital or shelter designed and constructed to house animals, nor to police K-9 animals.


A person having an animal in a building or on the property in violation of these regulations and who refuses to comply with the regulations upon the request of a responsible person is subject to arrest for trespass if he/she fails to depart the property.

A person who allows an animal to run at large upon the property in violation of the "PA Dog Law" is subject to arrest for such violation.

An animal tethered upon the property of the University in violation of these regulations will be impounded by University Police and released to the Humane Society or Animal Control Officer. The owner will be responsible for any costs incurred.