Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

My Stafford loan amounts along with my other aid are sufficient to cover my semester bill, can I decrease those loans?
You can make adjustments to your Stafford Loans be selecting the "Stafford Loan Decrease" link on LionPATH.

It is the first week of classes and I still haven’t received my refund, what is the hold up?
A hold on a refund could be caused by a number of different things: A) If you are registered for less than 12 credits and have not set your part-time indicator. B) You have an academic or billing hold on your account. C) You have not set up Rapid Refund so that the money is directly deposited into a checking or savings account. This is done on under the "Refund Information" link on LionPATH.

The FAFSA site is asking for a Federal ID (FSAID) for the parent and student to sign the form electronically. Where can I get a FSAID? Or if I had one and lost it, can I have it resent?
You can request a duplicate FSAID or create a new FSAID on the Federal Student Aid Web site.

We don’t have a computer at home. How are we expected to complete all of this electronically?
Computers are becoming more and more of a necessity, especially in the lives of college students. Computers can be used at family and friends homes, as well as at local schools, libraries and colleges.

Why is it important for me (A Penn State college student) to set up my Penn State email account?
It is important for all Penn State University students to set up their email accounts as quickly as possible. The reason is that most information sent to students is electronic. Access information, billing information, academic and financial aid information is being sent to you almost on a daily basis. If you fail to set up your account you could be missing opportunities for scholarships, class assignments, etc.