Students as Research Subjects

Students as Research Subjects

What is a student subject pool?

A student or human subject research pool is a group of students who are asked to participate in faculty research as part of their enrollment in designated courses. These students receive extra credit as compensation for their participation.

Why use student participants?

  • To collect scientific data from human subjects in order to further our understanding about human behavior
  • To provide students with a hands-on experience with social science research
  • To provide students and faculty with a pool of research participants for their research studies
  • To improve student retention and faculty recruitment

How do faculty get involved?

Twice per year (preceding each semester), interested faculty members from the Division of Education, Human Development, and Social Sciences meet to discuss proposed research studies that need student participants as well as courses/ instructors willing to offer extra credit for research participation. These meetings will be used to determine implementation, supply and demand, as well as other related issues. Email announcements will be sent out to announce these meetings. All interested faculty are welcome.

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