Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When do students take the ALEKS assessment on-line?
Once students have paid acceptance fees, the New Student Orientation office at University Park will send an email which instructs students to take the online ALEKS math assessment.

When will students get ALEKS assessment results?
The results of the ALEKS assessment will be distributed on the New Student Orientation advising day.

How do students select a New Student Orientation date?
Students will choose their New Student Orientation date online to accommodate family schedules. The timeline section of this website lists when students will be able to choose their New Student Orientation date. If illness or circumstances arise causing a need to change the New Student Orientation date at the last minute, please contact the DUS Advising Center at 814-949-5084.

Do students need to attend the program for the whole day?
Yes! There are important sessions for students and families throughout the day. Essential information will be missed by leaving early or by being absent from sessions.

What materials do students need to bring to New Student Orientation?
Students will need a photo ID to be able to get a PSU ID card. If students do not bring a photo ID (such as a driver's license, military ID, or passport), they will not be able to receive an ID card during New Student Orientation, and they will not be able to fully participate in the New Student Orientation sessions. Please also bring a pen or pencil.

When do students schedule classes?
Students will learn basic information about scheduling and talk with advisors about placement test scores and goals. They will work with an advisor in the 11:00 a.m. session to create a schedule and register for classes.

Will students and families attend sessions together?
Family participation is very helpful to students, and we encourage families to attend New Student Orientation. Students and families will be separated for all sessions. College is an opportunity for students to begin making decisions on their own. It is critical for them to take responsibility for their choices of classes, schedules, and majors. Advisors will be available to assist students in making decisions throughout the day. Although the same academic information will be presented to both students and families, there are specialized sessions to discuss relevant topics for each group. If you have questions after the New Student Orientation day, you are welcome to contact the DUS Advising Center at 814-949-5084.

If students attend New Student Orientation later in the summer, will there still be course availability?
Yes. We have a system in place to ensure that there will be equal course availability throughout all of the New Student Orientation dates. Unfortunately, some classes will become full, so we ask students to have alternative class choices listed on the general education worksheet. Students may be able to take their first choice class in a later semester.

Can students make schedule changes after New Student Orientation?
Yes. Students have until the add/drop deadline to make schedule changes. The deadline is nine or ten days into the semester. This allows students to attend classes to decide if any schedule changes need to be made. The online schedule of courses shows course availability and information needed to register for classes. The LionPATH system is used to register for classes and make schedule changes. Students will learn how to use the system during New Student Orientation.

What if students are undecided about a major?
The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is Penn State's enrollment unit for students who wish to explore the University's academic opportunities before deciding on a field of study and for students in transition from one college or major to another.

Will the advisor that the student meets during New Student Orientation continue as the student's academic advisor?
No. Students will be assigned to an academic advisor and given a Resource Guide pamphlet at the end of the New Student Orientation day, listing the academic advisor's name. Students can also use the LionPATH system to find the advisor's name and contact information, closer to the beginning of classes.

When is the tuition bill sent?
Tuition bills will be sent to student email accounts after scheduling classes, beginning in mid-July. Students are not officially registered until the bill is paid. For more information visit the Office of the Bursar web site.

How do I access free wifi on campus?
Information about wifi for guests is available on the Penn State Altoona Information Technology page.