LEAP Prides

LEAP Prides

Choose from one of two LEAP Prides:

General Education Pride

The General Education Pride provides students with the opportunity to get a head start on satisfying their General Education requirements. Students in this pride will select two General Education courses from the 2018 Summer Session II schedule. General Education encompasses the breadth of knowledge involving the major intellectual and aesthetic skills and achievements of humanity, and the General Education courses at Penn State aim to cultivate an informed and literate human being.

Engineering Pride

The Engineering Pride allows new engineering students to complete an important design course, satisfy a General Education requirement, and participate in out-of-class engineering activities. Students in this pride will select EDSGN 100 and a General Education course from the 2018 Summer Session II schedule. Engineering Design introduces students to the engineering approach to problem-solving and requires the presentation of design principles in class. General Education courses provide students with the communication, critical-thinking, analytical, and practical skills necessary to be successful in engineering majors and in life.