Integrated Safety Protocol

Integrated Safety Protocol


The Penn State Altoona Integrated Safety Plan (ISP) provides safety-focused communication outlets for the Penn State Altoona community. The ISP will help to engage the college community in ensuring a healthy work environment for its employees through safe practices in an effort to reduce costs of lost time and injury. The program will also empower employees to assess and report safety concerns.


The University’s ISP is an incentive-based program that promotes broader employee involvement in workplace safety and health. In return, the program provides financial incentives in the form of regulatory indemnification and cost sharing benefits to work units within the University who effectively implement the ISP. At Penn State Altoona, the ISP creates a structure for managing safety and health within our college. This approach will yield numerous benefits including an enhanced safety culture, reduced risk of injury, and improved regulatory compliance. In return for our ISP effort, the University will provide financial incentives; in particular, regulatory indemnification coverage should a violation occur. Without this incentive, should an OSHA violation be identified at our campus, the result could be extremely costly fines that would need to be covered entirely by our campus budget.

Core Elements

Under our ISP partnership with the University, Penn State Altoona has agreed to implement three core elements into our campus ISP in exchange for regulatory indemnification. These core elements are:

  • Leadership Commitment
  • Employee Involvement
  • Self-Review

At Penn State Altoona, our leadership commitment begins at the top of our organization. Chancellor Lori J. Bechtel-Wherry has made a commitment to our college ISP. Our ISP has been presented and discussed at Chancellor’s Council. Our ISP has been incorporated into our college Strategic Plan; as part of that plan the ISP will be evaluated each time the Strategic Plan is reviewed. Our employee commitment begins with the ISP organization, which incorporates key campus personnel in leadership positions and provides an opportunity for all employees to participate in identifying safety risks on our campus. This Web site provides a means of sharing information about our ISP and provides a comment box to allow employees a means to send identified risks to the leaders of our ISP. Also, the numerous safety committees provide a vehicle to identify risks and discuss concerns. These safety committees are also responsible for the Self-Review element of our ISP. There are two parts to this self-review. The first is an initial review that identifies general conditions of specific areas of the workplace. Part two is an annual assessment of the workplace to ensure that conditions are being maintained and that any new potential risks are identified.

How to get involved

There are several ways to get involved. The first and most important is to be aware of your surroundings, particularly your work space. It is important that you pay attention to possible risks that could cause someone injury. Immediately remove the risk if possible. If it is a risk that could cause immediate injury to a person, contact Police Services at 814-949-5222 or call 911. If you notice employees working under unsafe conditions or not wearing personal protection, contact your supervisor immediately. If you notice risks that are not imminent danger, you should contact someone on your safety committee, or submit a comment on this Web site.